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Some various shots of my studio and other oddities over the years. I've got a few photos pre 2000, but they may be hard to dig up. I'll add them if I can.

Me in front of 'Shapes and Activities', Gallery IMA 2012.
Mark Tracy and I at 'Perceptions II'. Our 2 person show at Gallery IMA in 2009.
Me at the opening of 'Perceptions II', Gallery IMA, 2009.
Seattle Group around 2011, Panama Hotel Tea Room. Surprised we did not get kicked out. Some very loud and passionate art debates.
Rock DeMent Gallery, Seattle Group c. 2010. Jeff Mihalo, Shawn Foote, Robert Hardgrave, Alan Fulle, Mark Tracy, Me, Joseph Keppler, Stephen Rock, Tracy Boyd, Paul Young, Shellee Miggens, William Fahey, Carl Jackson, Lynn Shcirmer, in the front - Don DeLeva, Nichole DeMent.
Me and my boy around 2009 at Gallery IMA. Some of my watercolors on the wall.

Mark Tracy and I at Gallery IMA, 2008.
My first show at Gallery IMA, Seattle WA. I met Young Chang, owner of Gallery IMA through a freak coincedence. She was holding an exhibition of John Franklin Koenig's work, which I collect. I had not seen a show of his work in Seattle for some time, so I went in to check it out. While my other artist buddy was trying to strike up a conversation and get his work in front of the gallery owner, I was too absorbed in checking out Koenig's paintings... which led to a nice conversation about art.. and not trying to sell "my art"... Which eventually led to Young asking to see my work... which led to 7 years of working with a great Gallery.

Delight Hamilton Gallery on Jackson Street, Pioneer Square, Seattle, 2004. My first "real" solo show. I'd had an opportunity to participate in a number of group shows and self organized solo shows at various non-profit spaces, but Dabi Stathakopoulos was the first gallery owner to believe in my work enough to put her time and $ behind it.
Probably the Uribo Gallery in Pioneer Square in 2000. I don't think I've exhibited that painting anywhere else.

Hanging out with Seattle Artists Mark Tracy, Paul Young, Shawn Foote, sometime around 2007.

Seattle Group, hanging out at Mark Tracy's studio... He had a lot of cool colors and I just had to paint....

Mark Tracy, Galen, and I hanging out chatting art sometime around 2007.

Seattle Group, Mark Tracy & Tracy Boyd's studio, 2010. William Fahey, Paul Young, Carl Jackson, Me, Kate Vrijmoet, Shawn Foote.

Contacting the Artist

I'm usually easy to get ahold of by email, and am happy to try and answer any questions or simply to talk art. If you have questions about a specific work or exhibition please feel free to call me. I'm also pretty liberal with my copywrite if it's for a good cause or personal, documentary, or informational use.


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