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Some various shots of my studio and other oddities over the years. I've got a few photos pre 2000, but they may be hard to dig up. I'll add them if I can.

Wow... I need to get a handle on this. Here's my out of control storage room in the fall of 2012.
Another view of the storage room in the fall of 2012. Note to self.. reorganize or add a 2nd storage room.
Random studio shot in 2009. You can see a very early 'Illumination' and an almost complete version of 'Clarity' and 'Definative'.
Getting busy in the spring of 2007. You can see 'Foreign' in it's early stages taped off on the wall.
I need to do some spring cleaning. Various other works in the studio in 2007.
I got depressed after counting 25 large 5' plus paintings piled up in the house. Here's me blowing off steam in the studio on 7/11/06. Unfortunately (or fortunately) blocking the 6' painting I was working on that night from the view of the camera.
Here is what I was working on in the background. Never been 100% happy with it. Put it away shortly after and have not looked at it since.
Studio early 2006, Skyway, Seattle.

Painting storage, Skyway, Seattle.

Painting storage, Skyway, Seattle.

Studio 2005, Skyway, Seattle.

Studio 2004, Skyway, Seattle.

Tiny studio on Rainier Ave. Seattle 2000-2003. This was also our guest bedroom. Not sure how I made it work. In retrospect, what a pain in the ass it was trying to work in there.
Cramped painting storage room Rainier Ave, c. 2000.

Other side of cramped storage room, c. 2000. Sadly this dank basement room flooded from time to time and destroyed a handful of paintings.
Studio at apartment on Harvard Ave. in Seattle 1999. The space was intended to be a dining room. At least it had a built in buffet for me to use as an easel/counter to do larger works.

Contacting the Artist

I'm usually easy to get ahold of by email, and am happy to try and answer any questions or simply to talk art. If you have questions about a specific work or exhibition please feel free to call me. I'm also pretty liberal with my copywrite if it's for a good cause or personal, documentary, or informational use.


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