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Old Work 1991-2012 -

Here is a selection of older work from my previous website. I tried to include a broad spectrum of some odds and ends representing various stages of my work. for a more detailed look at past work, you'll have to search the database which currently includes over 1,200 paintings & drawings dating from 1991 - 2012.

  • old art2 Old charcoal drawings c. 1992-93.
  • old art8 Old charcoal drawings c. 1994.
  • old art9 Impressionist paintings c. 1999.
  • old art10 Misc. Old acrylic paintings c. 1994.
  • old art12 Older oil pastels & charcoal c. 1995-96.
  • old art14 Oil pastels c. 1996-1997.
  • old art15 Oil paintings & pastels c. 2000.
  • old art16 Misc. works C. 2000.
  • old art19 Figure paintings and drawings c. 2001.
  • old art23 Small detailed oils from c. 2002.
  • old art24 Abstract oils on masonite c. 2002.
  • old art25
  • old art27 More oil on masonite c. 2002.
  • old art29 Misc. other works c. 2002.
  • old art32 Detailed oil on linen paintings c. 2002-03.
  • old art33
  • Mostly large oils + some small oil cityscapes from 2004.
  • old art34 Misc. 2005 paintings, some large oils + watercolors.
  • old art35 Some oil pastels and misc. paintings and watercolors c. 2006
  • old art36 Lots of 2006 oils, large & small, on linen and masonite.
  • old art37 Lots of large oils + some linocuts & smaller oils and a few ink drawings c. 2008.
  • old art38 Assortment of previously undocumented work lying around the studio.
  • old art39 More larege oils c. 2009, also some magic marker drawings.
  • old art40 Limited selection of 2010 works, needs to be updated.
  • old art41 2011 works, mostly oils large and small.
  • Contacting the Artist

    I'm usually easy to get ahold of by email, and am happy to try and answer any questions or simply to talk art. If you have questions about a specific work or exhibition please feel free to call me. I'm also pretty liberal with my copywrite if it's for a good cause or personal, documentary, or informational use.


    Washington State
    (206) 306-3656